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Translate your business requirements into streamlined processes with our experienced team of Finance System Specialists.

We know finance

The OnAccount team are reformed Accountants. Our combined industry experience gives us an expert, realistic understanding of business challenges.

Transforming business processes is our bread and butter. Configuring OnAccount to do the heavy lifting on complex invoicing, reconciliation or settlement processes is what our team thrives on.

We also provide responsive local support. The team that design and deliver your solution also support it. At OnAccount, we think locally and act globally.

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Learn how our team and technology work together to ensure seamless delivery and support for your business.


Who we help

For high-volume or complex business models that need to remove friction and manual interventions, OnAccount is the massively scalable Accounting System you need. Experience flexible and efficient finance function with software that integrates seamlessly with operational systems.

We excel in tackling processes that are a little out of the ordinary — high transaction volumes, difficult integration models, complex or unique accounting or reporting processes. 

Rather than customise, our flexible design enables unique application through configuration. We optimise for only what you need at a fraction of the cost compared to off-the-shelf solutions.


Speak with our Finance System Specialists to discover the capability and confidence your business can unlock with OnAccount.

Experts across industries

OnAccount was born out of our parent company Sandfield, a New Zealand custom software development company with a team of 150+ developers.

Throughout our organisation, we develop solutions across a variety of industries and businesses. Having specialised in financial management software for 30+ years, we leverage these shared learnings and experiences in order to deliver innovative and robust solutions.

This puts us in the unique position of having a wider group of technology specialists to bring in as needed, and software solutions to seamlessly integrate with. Sandfield has technologists and capabilities in the areas of EDI mapping, website and app development, infrastructure as well as supply chain and logistics management.