Re-centre finance within operations

Intuitive integration and automation capability that removes double data handling.

The two together

OnAccount is built upon the philosophy of financial visibility across your business. No longer do you need to log into more than one system to see across both accounting and operational activity.

Produce an invoice in the source sales system, deliver it to the customer and then pass the invoice information to OnAccount for receipting payments, reconciling debtor accounts and reporting financial results.  

Data where it needs to be

Designed to optimise

Seamless two-way integration optimises efficiency and provides transparency of information without the need to log into multiple systems.

Data accuracy without duplicates

Maintain a master copy of your data — a single source of truth that allows you to analyse, forecast and report with precision.

Focus on high-value activities

Automate complex accounting processes to shift focus from manual tasks to strategic business initiatives.

Discover the power of data transparency




Remove limitations with smart, modern accounting software, flexible to your needs. 

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