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A finance system designed for the intricacies of the travel industry.

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A system and team across the ins and outs of travel

The Travel & Tourism industry is multifaceted. Vast quantities of transactional data, varied operational databases and countless customer-service provider relationships are standard. Traditional financial management systems struggle to keep up, resulting in inefficiencies and inaccuracies. 

OnAccount presents the ideal solution: a modern, integrated approach to financial management, precisely tailored for the needs of the travel industry.

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Streamline your workflow

High-volume data handling

Our platform is designed with the sheer scale and complexity of the Travel & Tourism industry in mind. Minimise errors and boost productivity with advanced integration and automation.

Built for integration

Seamless two-way integration provides transparency without needing to log into multiple systems. With OnAccount, operational and financial data are centralised and always where you need them.

Tailor-made for travel

OnAccount adapts to you. We've developed unique features specifically for travel. Includes BSP reconciliation, custom statementing and advanced debtors receipting.

Configurability, featured and upfront

Experience comprehensive financial management with configuration at the core of every feature.

Specialised travel features
  • Handle multiple entities transacting in different currencies
  • Manage accounts with cross-entity e-banking capabilities
  • Unified solution for accounts payable, receivable and bank reconciliation tasks
  • eCommerce reconciliations
  • Specialised BSP reconciliations
Configured for business agility
  • Minimise reconciliation issues with watertight sales integration methods
  • Manage customer and payment groups with unlimited ledger configurations
  • Improve your invoice-to-cash cycle and build a richer dataset for analysis and reporting
  • Automated credit control features
  • Automated settlement features
Airline specific BSP reconciliation
  • Reconcile payments and refunds by IATA plate
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Clearing actions only required for unmatched or partially matched items
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