Amplify your existing financial software

Extend your existing accounting system with OnAccount’s standalone modules.

Transform data without risk

Need a hand with complex transaction modelling, reconciliations or other difficult accounting processes? We’re here to simplify your data and integrate it smoothly into your main financial system.

Our suite of specialised modules are built to manage unique accounting requirements. 

They’re designed to bolster your business process, swiftly implemented without the risks or costs of overhauling your entire system. Perfect for subsidiaries needing a unique approach, with no disturbance to the group’s financial infrastructure.

Unlock capability with agile modules

Let OnAccount do the heavy lifting

Save time and reduce the stress of complex financial tasks. We handle intricate invoicing, reconciliation and settlement processes so you can focus on what you do best.

Seamless integration

We summarise and integrate data into your main financial system, enabling you to gain better insights and make informed decisions.

Extend capability

Our standalone modules are designed to fill gaps in your business process, offer swift implementation and eliminate the risk and cost of replacing your entire financial system.

Specialised, stand-alone modules

Fill a crucial gap in your business process without the time, risk or cost of system replacement.

Statementing & Accounts Receivable
  • Generate consolidated customer statementing
  • Flexible scheduled statementing
  • Predictive receipt allocation
  • Receipt and allocate one payment across customer group accounts
  • Auto-generate a DD file for bank upload
  • Export or integrate data into your main financial management system
  • Advanced credit control
  • DocPack attachment options
Accounts payable
  • Maintain multiple subledgers to manage and reconcile different creditor groups such as claims or contractors
  • Integrate directly with operational sales databases
  • Drillback to source database transaction
  • Offset invoices and credits across AR and AP accounts
  • Generate cross-entity payments
Purchase orders
  • Streamlined creation and approval processes for purchase orders
  • Ability to integrate with invoice management solutions
  • Multi-tier hierarchy for authorisation workflows
  • Automated direct email of approved orders to suppliers
  • Two or three-way matching
  • Monthly accrual reporting
  • Export or integrate data into your main financial management system
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Add custom statement messaging, create custom statementing schedules as well as review statementing progress and document attachments.

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